Serifos Map

Serifos Island can be reached from the port of Piraeus by high-speed boat or ferry boat. The trip lasts from 2½ hours to 4½ hours depending on the type of ferry you select.

For you own convinience we provide you with a map of Seirfos to locate the exact position of the Alexandros-Vassilia at Livadakia, as well as useful travel information about Serifos so you can paln your trip in the best way possible.

Serifos beaches

Serifos has many beautiful beaches, which await to offer you countless hours of fun.

Livadakia beachIn Livadakia beach you can enjoy a relaxing swim in the sea or sunbathe. Even a night time swim under the stars can be a unique experience in this magical location.

The wind is not usually strong here, even during wind season. Alexandros-Vasileia facilities are located near the beach ready to offer you a peaceful and restful holiday.

Apart from Livadakia, Serifos island is full of bays, coves and majestic sandy beaches with crystal blue water. Some of them are Psili Ammos, one of the island's most famous beaches, Sykamia, Platis Gialos, Kentarhos, Karavi, Koutalas, Ganema and many more that will become an oasis of tranquility during your holiday.

Serifos sightseeing

Serifos windmillsOn the island of Serifos you will fall in love with its quaint cobbled narrow streets near the windmills which are ideal for an evening stroll. You can also admire the impressive castle ruins in Chora, the Archaeological and Folklore Museum and the preserved Cycladic architecture of Serifos houses. Finally spend some time to visit the rest of the island's sites such as the cave in Koutalas, as well as Gria Castle and the White Tower of the Hellenistic Era.

Serifos Villages

At Serifos there are many well known villages such as Livadi,which is the island's port and the tourist centre of the entire island. Livadakia, which is the natural extention of Livadi and streches along the beach with the same name, and the city of Serifos, which is the island’s capital and is characterized by its numerous alleys, traditional architecture and wondeful views. In the city of Serifos you can see the Agios Athanasios square, the watermills, the town hall with the neoclassical design and the castle.

Serifos villagesThere are also many other villages worth visiting, such as Megalo Livadi, where the minerals' loading/unloading bridge still stands, the village of Kentarhos, which is one of the most scenic villages of the island, Galani, in which you can visit the ancient galena mines, Koutalas, which is a small and beautiful bay, Megalo Xorio, which is derelict for the largest part but still is a monument to the greatness of the past, Panagia with the widely known festival, held at the village square, where according to local legend any couple that dances at the square will get married within a year, Pyrgos, a small village almost in ruins and Ramos which is an expansion of Livadi.


Did you know...

According to the myth when King Acrisius of Argos was warned by an oracle that his own grandson would kill him, he cast his daughter Danaë and her infant son Perseus adrift at sea in a wooden chest. It was the island of Seriphos where the vessel had come ashore.


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