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Places of interest which worth visiting.

Serifos has numerous places of interest, which are worth visiting. Some of the most important are:

Serifos sightseeingThe archaeological and the folklore museums, which are in the city of Serifos. In the archaeological museum you can see findings from the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman eras, while in the folklore museum you can learn about the past and the folkloric tradition of Serifos.

Aspros Pyrgos (White Tower) and Kastro tis Grias (The Castle of the Old Lady), which was built at a site between the city of Serifos and M. Livadi and is said to be built during the Hellenistic era. The ruins of the Castle of the Old Lady can be seen by looking east from the White Tower.

The Cyclops Throne, which is a rectangular structure and emerges as a "guardian" of the M. Livadi’s bay.

The remains of a domelike, above-ground roman tomb, in the village "Kallitsos", which are named "The Dome".

The naze Spathi (Sword), which is a lighthouse made of stone, built in 1901, sitting at a height of 65 meters from the sea-level.

The Castle, which is built at the highest point of the city of Serifos. From the Castle you can enjoy a majestic sunrise and a magnificent sunset.

The mines of M. Livadi, which belong to the village M. Livadi, where there also is a monument in the memory of the workers who lost their lives during the bloody miners’ strike. You can also walk the old facilities and see the loading/unloading bridge.

In the Almyros bay, within a few hundred meters from the sea, you can visit the domelike closets with their medicinal springs, where the baths are still standing.

And last but not least, you should not forget to visit the Dam, which stands imposing and in harmony with the physical environment.


Did you know...

Most going out places are located in the village of Livadi. There you can find coffee shops, bars and tavernas and you can enjoy delicious dishes and local specialities.


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